Hover Boards, Skateboards, and Wheels

Skateboarding has always had wheels. But, this is about to change with the introduction of the Hoverboard. Keep in mind that wheels on the ground can cause friction, which means slower boards. The hoverboard's purpose is to reduce friction and increase speed, much like a hockey puck playing on an air-hockey board. The boards will be slower and less maneuverable if there are wheels. This directly correlates to a decrease in fun.

You will remember that hoverboards had no wheels in the movie "Back to the Future II". This is where you can clearly see the increased exhilaration experienced by the rider. As skateboards become hoverboards, interim skateboards will likely do some of both.

The wheels must be removed from skateboards in order to make the transition from hover boards to them. However, this is not as simple as it sounds. We may see frictionless wheels that don't have bearings, which will increase the performance and speed of the skateboards. If magnetic wheels are introduced before hoverboards, it may take a decade for hoverboards to become fully adopted. Because frictionless wheels are so revolutionary, it will give skateboarding a new life and increase sales, sponsorship, and marketing dollars.

To encourage consumer migration to these new technologies, any leap-frog technology must outperform the skateboards with magnetic frictionless wheels. If they are available before widespread use of hoverboards, the first hoverboards will likely include the friction-less wheels. Although these technologies appear to be diametrically opposing and competitive, they can complement each other.

Let's take, for example, the introduction of magnetic wheels into the Skateboard Market within six months. This will result in a new upswing in the ten-decade-old skateboard market segment. The perfect time to introduce hoverboards made of carbon nanotubes will be at the top end of the natural product cycle and the industry sub-sector and start a new product cycle within an already highly-invigorated market segment.

People who fall often do so because they are trying to get on the board before understanding how it works. You cannot walk up the stairs by tilting the platform as the motors can be activated by tilting it. You should not use the ball of your feet to move the platform, but instead you should use "flat feet" to walk on and off the platform when it is still stationary. You will have a wild ride if you use the balls of your feet to jump on and off the stairs.


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